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Mr. & Mrs. Gerard M of Olney, MD This letter is to acknowledge our extreme satisfaction with the work ethic, and the execution of the work performed by Desert Dry employees, Walter and Arturio, for their water prevention job completed at my residence on February 22 & 25, 2002.

In case my utilization of the above positive descriptiveness may be of value, let me be more precise:

  1. They treated my residence with care, including the utilization of plastic sheeting to minimize the wide-spread circulation of cement dust.  This concern was more evident via the laying of the plastic on our carpets and wood floors, where they would be walking.
  2. In spite of an initial oversight on my part, for not taking down the studding in two portions of the wall they would be working on, they accomplished their task of digging out the old plastic pipe.
  3. Related to #2, I, in fact took down the mentioned studding, during the weekend of February 23rd & 24th to enhance the ease of their task.  When the men returned on February 25th, Walter thanked me for having disassembled the studding in the area they were working.
  4. Other than a lunch break, both men worked continuously.  It is hard to conceal the sound of a hydraulic hammer gun and/or a hammer chipping away at concrete; nor can you  conceal many trips from the basement to the truck, carrying broken up concrete and then bringing  supplies into the house.
  5. Walter was informative.  I took notice to the flashing that they had installed, and inquired about its purpose.  Walter was receptive to my question and provided me with the explanation.  With the utilization of the flashing, in addition to everything else done, I believe my water problem should be resolved.
  6. I don't wan to minimize the efforts of Arturio.  At times I could account for separate simultaneous hammers or banging noises coming from the basement, so I know that both men were doing the digging.  However, beyond that task Arturio struck me as the "worker bee," doing a considerable amount of carrying the broken concrete from the basement, and returning with the fill rock and cement.  All this was accomplished with two buckets per trip.
  7. The last point I wish to make is the visual appearance of the completed job.  The basement looks great, and the work area was left spotless.

This correspondence is to acknowledge the quality performance of both Walter and Arturio.  These men may do this work every day, but from my vantage point, it was a job well done.