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Ten Tips:

1. Make sure your sump pump is getting power, you can test this by lifting the float arm on the sump pump and seeing if it turns on.

2. Make sure your discharge line from your sump pump isn't frozen if the weather is cold. This may cause flooding inside the home or damage to the discharge line.

3. Make sure the grading around your home is correct. Defective grading can cause stagnation of water near, or against the home, which can lead to seepage in the basement.

4. Make sure you do not have earth over your sill plate.

5. Check for hairline cracks in your wall if you have a poured foundation, these can occur due to settling, and may result in leakage through the crack.

6. Make sure your sump pump discharge line is clear of debris at the end. Erosion, or seasonal weather can cause blockages which may impair the function of the discharge line.

7. Make sure your window wells are graded correctly, and that the gravel at the bottom is clean and free of mud and debris.

8. Make sure your downspouts are extended away from the house so that the water from them does not come back toward the house.

9. Make sure your stairwell drains are clear and not blocked. This can cause the stairwell to fill up to the point where water can come under the stairwell door.

10. Make sure you have adequate surface drainage, if your grade slopes toward your home,  which will keep your yard from getting swampy.